The best rooms with the best hostsWe are a family who try to make the vacations of those who visit us, wonderful days and that remain in memory with good memories.

A perfect place for your family photosWhether in the Puentón de Cangas de Onis, where you can take the most famous selfie of Asturias, as in any part of the Picos de Europa, you will enjoy unforgettable landscapes that are worth remembering.

The mansion, emblazoned (family coat of arms), has undergone several transformations throughout its history. The first data we have date from the sixteenth century, being a tower, in which lived a charge of the Royal Site of Covadonga and who always passed his position to a nephew, until in the eighteenth century, there are no male nephews and niece marries and begins to expand the tower in mansion. It has a chapel where the altar presides San Pedro El Regalado.

From 5 rooms, the hotel is closed for the exclusive use of the group. Possibility of organizing some sporting activity with tourist companies in the sectorIt is not a luxury hotel, it is a hotel where you can “BE IN LUXURY”. We are a family that tries to make the vacation days of those who visit us, wonderful days and that remain in the memory with good memories. Something like going to a grandmother’s house and having the feeling of being pampered. We like to pamper. It is not a place for everyone, so we try to explain and tell “almost everything”. Not everything: you have to live the experience

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Kingdom of asturias

We have been very well. I loved the place, close to everything and at the same time far away, to enjoy the tranquility in nature. The views were amazing, the sound of the birds when waking up was indescribable. The house is super clean, with little details and lacks nothing. I would come back without thinking to stay more days if I could, hehe! And Anna treated us like a 10, she is a charming girl and made us a list of great recommendations.

Your hostess Ana, the same, very well, she in fact is responsible for the accommodation to be in these magnificent conditions, but she is also very hospitable, she attended us whenever it was necessary and very effectively, so a 10.

Impressive value for money accommodation …the owner is always available for whatever you need. We were even able to see a mini farm she has. Very nice views both from the house and its surroundings. Warm house from the first moment. Very comfortable beds…and everything very clean.

Each unit comes with a patio, a fully equipped kitchen with a microwave, a fireplace, a seating area, a flat-screen TV, a washing machine, and a private bathroom with bidet and a hairdryer. A fridge, an oven and toaster are also provided, as well as a coffee machine.

Batalla de covadonga

Como ese día había un chaparrón, los turistas eran escasos, así que pudimos disfrutar del campus todo lo que quisimos. Con la audioguía, puedes recorrer las diferentes zonas de la universidad y comprobar su funcionamiento hace cientos de años. Imaginar cómo los estudiantes escuchaban las clases en la sala de conferencias construida en madera (sin los powerpoints ni los altavoces) y la ceremonia de inauguración en el vestíbulo es en sí una experiencia impresionante.

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El juego de “encontrar la rana” propuesto por la universidad también nos divirtió mucho, ya que pasamos mucho tiempo buscándola en la increíblemente complicada escultura de la entrada. Y la alegría de encontrarla (en la hoja de respuestas de la tienda de la universidad) lo hace más encantador.

El reino suevo

Asturias (/æˈstʊəriəs, ə-/,[4][5] español: [asˈtuɾjas]; asturiano: Asturies [asˈtuɾjes; -ɾjɪs]), oficialmente el Principado de Asturias (Spanish: Principado de Asturias; asturiano: Principáu d’Asturies; gallego-asturiano: Principao d’Asturias), es una comunidad autónoma del noroeste de España.

Es coextensiva con la provincia de Asturias y contiene parte del territorio que formaba parte del mayor Reino de Asturias en la Edad Media. Dividida en ocho comarcas, la comunidad autónoma de Asturias limita con Cantabria al este, con León (Castilla y León) al sur, con Lugo (Galicia) al oeste y con el mar Cantábrico al norte.

Asturias está situada en un entorno montañoso de gran verdor y exuberante vegetación, lo que la convierte en parte de la España Verde. La región tiene un clima marítimo. Recibe muchas precipitaciones anuales y poco sol para los estándares españoles y tiene estaciones muy moderadas, con una media de menos de 20 grados centígrados. Las olas de calor son raras debido a que las montañas bloquean los vientos del sur. Los inviernos son muy suaves para la latitud, especialmente cerca del nivel del mar.