Exercises to improve jumping in basketball

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Types of muscle contractions pdf

Actin and myosin are two filament-like proteins that give shape to cylindrical structures of the muscle cell called myofibrils. Myosin is able to anchor itself to the actin filaments and pull them causing muscle shortening, i.e. contraction.

The traction of the myosin filaments on the actin filaments depends, among other things, on the existence of an action potential, i.e. an electric current through a neuron that stimulates the motor plate of the muscle fiber and triggers muscle contraction. Excitatory neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine and calcium are part of this mechanism.

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There is a contraction that would combine both isotonic contractions (concentric and eccentric) and isometric contractions, which would be auxotonic contractions. The most used example to describe them is the work with elastic bands.

Let’s imagine that we want to stretch a rubber band. We start by performing a concentric contraction, but as the rubber band stretches, it loses its stretching capacity, so the resistance becomes greater and greater until it reaches a point where it can no longer be stretched. At this point, we can continue trying to stretch the rubber by means of an isometric contraction but at some point we will have to give up and return to the initial point by means of an eccentric contraction. This combination of the three is known as auxotonic contraction.

Exercises to improve jumping

As its name indicates, the exercise called Box Jump consists of jumping with both legs together over a box of different heights, therefore, to perform it we will need this sports object and we must position ourselves in front of it, standing, with the body upright.

To take impulse, we bend our knees as if we were going to perform a squat, and we bring our arms forward slightly bent at the elbows. We propel ourselves and jump over the box, landing with our feet completely on the box, cushioning the jump by bending our knees.

Once we land we extend the hips and align the body before beginning the descent, at which point we must jump back and land with bent knees before fully stretching the legs.

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The exercises to increase your jumping power are explosive exercises. The ones we propose today will help you get closer to your goal and you’ll soon be jumping above average and dominating the basketball court. And if you get stuck or don’t reach your goals, you can become a Become a Pro member and we’ll help you get to the top. You will have personalized training and our Coach Hugo Gonzalez will guide, advise and train you to achieve your goals.

It is also important to keep in mind that jumping is as important as falling. In fact, training to fall correctly every time you complete a jump allows you to increase your vertical distance.

It is ideal for endurance, footwork, coordination and leg strengthening. It will not only help you improve your height, but also help you get up and down from the ground much more easily. It is preferable to jump on a soft surface, which has a little flexibility because jumping on something hard can damage your legs and knees.